Friday, December 5, 2014

Maker Movement

Friess Lake School has once again received grant money for our Maker’s Lab from Cognizant’s Making the Future education initiative.  They look for programs that “…seek to inspire young learners to pursue science, technology, engineering and math disciplines by creating fun, hands-on learning opportunities.  Makers are driven by the challenge of the projects they tackle, while also engaging in design- and project-based learning that can nurture creativity and develop proficiency in the STEM and arts disciplines (STEAM).”
As we continue to look for ways to grow the program, we are in partnership with School Factory, a non-profit organization that helps to foster value-creating communities and spaces that transform education, economy, and community.  School Factory supports and creates community environments like hackerspaces, makerspaces, co-working spaces, and other places where diverse communities come together to build, make, and teach one another.
School Factory has a mission to support us and help us develop the future of learning here at Friess Lake School.  
This is exciting, transformative work.  There is literally NOTHING else like this happening in our area.   As we embark on the journey, we are constantly challenged to ‘Think Big.  No.  Bigger than that!’  The Friess Lake Maker’s Lab is currently a two classroom place that is accessed by our students during the school day.  What happens in there can be magic.  That said, we’re thinking bigger.  We’re thinking of ways to expand the way of thinking and operating into other classrooms, we’re thinking of ways to include local businesses and the community, and we’re asking what else we should be thinking of doing.

Special Thanks to Cognizant, School Factory, the Friess Lake School Board, and to teachers Jerry Hoefs and Ashley Nesbit