Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Worst Innovation Quote Ever

Found this on twitter via @LDRLB:

The article is interesting.  Two statements I really liked: "Innovation is the process of idea management," and "To get your ideas to spread, solve real problems."

Thursday, February 6, 2014

I recently attended a presentation by Dr. Duke Pesta.  Dr. Pesta railed against the Common Core Standards for over an hour, and was still going strong when I left.  He also had several DVD's and magazines that were free for the taking.  I took several.

The statements below are from my notes from the meeting and after watching one of the DVDs.

Initially, I thought I would offer point by point rebuttals, but then decided to let the statements stand on their own.  This isn't a full accounting, but it gives someone who wasn't there a reasonable sense of what Dr. Pesta is arguing.

I will say that I find some of these statements to be more egregious than others.   As I've said before, the Common Core is flawed- but it is not un-American.  It is not a dumbing down of the curriculum.  It is not an underhanded attempt to create a nation of cogs for the machine.

Read for yourselves.  Use your own judgment

Dr. Pesta:

Teachers aren't speaking out against the Common Core (CC) out of fear.  Teachers will tell me privately, "I would lose my job" if I spoke out against the CC.

Common Core is all based on the premise that children belong to the state.

Secular Catholic Administrators adopted the Common Core without telling the Priests or the Bishops.

No one ever had a hearing.  There was never a hearing.  (Literally with his next breath) I've testified at several hearings.  I asked Tony Evers questions at the hearings that he could not answer.

Students will now be spending weeks and weeks testing.

No Child Left Behind (NCLB) led to scandals all over the country. Teachers and principals all over the country were throwing student tests into the trash and then filling in the right answers.  They did this because they were pressured to get results by NCLB.

CC destroys GT programs and special education.  School officials now want all of the special education students placed in special schools.

NCLB was killed from the ground up.  CC is NCLB on steroids.  How do you opt out?  You can't.  If we defeat CC, they will just keep re-branding and coming at us.  The next version will be called "Happy, happy, joy, joy."

The whole thing will now be run through the Feds.  They will take your money- because WI is still a high achieving state- and redistribute it to the poor states.

Parents have no recourse.  The CC is controlled by unaccountable outsiders.


The narrow CC curriculum is preparing students to be cogs in a machine, not individual thinkers.  The Road to Serfdom

Linda Darling-Hammond is a radical Stanford professor and a former colleague of Bill Ayers

CC moves Algebra I from 8th grade to 9th grade and forces an experimental brand of geometry that has never been used successfully.  And, there is no way of changing it

CC has no British Literature, except a little bit of Shakespeare.

All teachers are subject to retraining.  The Gettysburg Address will be taught as a collection of sentences on a page, with no historical context.

The underlying premise is that children shouldn't really be educated.  They are to be trained to be cogs in a government managed economic machine.

There are going to be Big Brother Data Systems that sacrifice privacy for the expediency of the government being able to pull up all sorts of data on the citizens.  Education data will be shared with the Labor Department.  They will track you from pre-K through your career.  This is a progressives 'school to work' dream- to know everything they need to know about a student so he can be better plugged in to the managed government economy.

The answer is not a centralized curriculum.  The answer is to decentralize.

CC can obliterate any benefits of charters and vouchers.  What good is it to have 100 restaurant choices, if they all have to be Italian?

CC wants to control everything.  It is all designed to plan for future labor markets.

This new vision for America is totally at odds with the vision set forth by our Founding Fathers.  The CC vision is one of a command economy and unlimited government.  The government may direct us to serve the economic priorities of the nation, or any other priority the government chooses.

Our Wisconsin Bishops gave $254,500 to Chicago-based Community Organizing groups last year.  $0 given to Pro-life.  Marriage.